Back 2 Green offers water jet cutting

Water Jet Cutting

Back 2 Green offers a cleaner, safer, easier alternative to cutting and capping abandoned wells

Back 2 Green is locally owned and operated in Fort St. John

Water Jet Cutting

Locally owned and operated
in Fort St. John, BC

About Back 2 Green

Back 2 Green is proud to offer a local to Fort St. John, clean and safe alternative to cutting and capping abandoned wells. We pressure water jet to cut not only the well pipe, but the concrete and exterior casing in one clean and safe manner. This allows us to minimize personnel on location, reduce ground disturbance while leaving little to no additional footprint on location. We work with local Nations and have multiple alliances if content is required. We strive to meet your needs and streamline the process from beginning to end, providing multiple logistical services under a single company. Our goal is to make the process as quick and easy for our customers as possible. From 1 well to 30 wells, we are ready.

Our Services Include...

Well Abandonment using Water Jet

Hydro Vac

Pipeline and Pipeline Riser Abandonments

Pile Cutting

Facility Decommissioning

Heavy Equipment

Environmental Drilling

Back 2 Green Has Worked With...

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